Why Buy From Us?


My name is Jonathan Smith and as a health conscious person with nutritional health issues I absolutely see the importance of high quality food supplementation. With that in mind I created Alternative Shopping UK. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality supplements and gravity fed water filters to our customers located all over Europe.

As I experience noticeable changes in my well being through the use of supplements I have the desire to spread the word and make these wonderful products easily accessible to others. Over the many years that I have been involved in the sale of supplements I have gained invaluable skills and experience and this translates into the service that we provide for you.

Here are some of the benefits of buying from us:

  • dedicated customer service available almost every day of the year
  • rapid email response
  • a phone line open for 12hrs almost every day
  • simple returns
  • rapid delivery within the UK
  • fast delivery all over Europe
  • staff dedicated to providing a great all round experience
  • ecommerce expertise from a fully warehoused company
  • purchases from a qualified ecommerce retailer
  • a comfortable buying experience due to our carefully designed website
  • easy payment as we accept, card payments, PayPal and even Apple Pay

Your happiness and satisfaction is what drives me and my company, if you are happy we are happy and we will go the extra mile if needed to ensure your satisfaction.

Making a change in this world through education regarding nutrition is one of the main objectives of this site.