ProOne™ G2.0 5″ Water & Fluoride Filter Element

5" ProOne G2.0 filters are recommended for the use in Propur KING, BIG, NOMAD and TRAVELER systems.

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KING 3 filters = 6 months

KING 4 filters = 9 months

BIG 3 filters = 9 months

NOMAD 1 filter = 6 months

TRAVELER 1 filter = 9 months



97.5% of Fluoride

97.6% of BPA

and much much more!

Read the lab report here

¤ Only ProOne™G2.0  Water & Fluoride filter element helps reduce or remove VOC's, pesticides, herbicides including Glyphosate, chloramines (ammonia with chlorine), monochloramines, hydrofluorosilicic acid (the latest form of fluoride not covered by other fluoride filter brands), sodium hexa fluorosilicate and more - increases pH up to 9.5
¤ Ideal for use with just about any water source including tap, lake, river, stream, pond and rain water
¤ Sizes available to fit all Propur™ systems and competitors

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